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Add brightness to your house with Skylights

Even in rainy Western Washington, there is nothing as inviting as natural light. The use of skylights in your house can brighten a dark hallway or a windowless bathroom or hallway. Skylights are an easy way to add light and ventilation to your house. Technology has touched skylights as well and there are now skylights that include: 
  • Rain sensors - worried about water getting in? Skylights with rain sensors close themselves automatically when it detects moisture outside.
  • Too much sun? Some skylights have remotes that allow you to press a button to close the built in shades.
  • Need light but not ventilation? Tubular skylights, also known as sun tunnels, are small tubular openings that take up less room and can be installed at an angle.
If you want to brighten up your house a new skylight might be just what you need. You'd be surprised how much light can be added with so little effort. Contact Everett Builders, Inc. to see about bringing the natural light back into your house.