Custom Home Builder in Arlington, WA

The Job:
Custom 3 Bedroom Home in Arlington, WA with 2 stall barn.
The Situation: The opportunity.
Starr and Cindy Praeuner were looking for a home that would satisfy all their needs. They needed a home that would give them the space and storage capacity needed to work on their fine art and crafts. They also had 2 horses that they wanted to be able to bring home. At the same time they needed to be in a good neighborhood and wanted a hand in designing the house.
The Solution: The way we saw it.
Everett Builders, Inc. helped Starr and Cindy find the perfect plot of land and designed a house to their exact specifications that would accentuate the land while taking advantage of the natural inclination of the environment. Once the house was built they were able to then build a barn to bring the horses home. They had very unique needs and Everett Builders met everyone of them.
The Result: What the client had to say.
"Both Pat and Danny were great to work with and really went above and beyond helping us. It was the first time we had purchased a home and we couldn't find anything to suit our needs and that didn't have existing problems. Thanks to Pat's experience and contacts we settled on a piece of property in a wonderful neighborhood and had them build the home for us. We had a very tight deadline because of the limited money we had and juggling the apartment rental with our move in date. Danny met every one of the deadlines and didn't sacrifice anything in quality while staying right on budget.
To this day we still have people that have come over for various needs, such as appraisals for refinancing and other general home maintenance and they always remark at how well our house is built and the unique floorplan that gives easy access to everything. They don't build your average square box cookie cutter home, they are just as beautiful inside as well as outside and are quick to respond if any problems crop up. Danny put tons of storage space into the design and gave the house some beautiful angles (most builders are afraid of the angles because it is harder to do) without us even asking for it. His interest was to give us a home that would look great and take advantage of the natural environment which would help with electrical and utility bills over the life of the home.
They started off as strangers that were recommended to us from a mutual friend and now they have become wonderful friends. I'm proud to have a home built by Everett Builders, Inc. and look forward to having them do a future addition onto our home in Arlington."
Breaking Ground
Breaking Ground
No Roof
Inside Framing
Finished Kitchen
Finished Custom Built Home