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Building a Custom Home  Vs. Buying and Remodeling

We often get asked if it is better to buy an existing home and remodel or to build a custom home. The answer is oftentimes "it depends", however, here are some of the criteria we take into consideration when helping a client decide to build or buy and remodel.
The Pros of Buying:
The biggest advantage to buying an existing home is convenience. Since the home already exists, you could be moving into your new home within 30 - 45 days of mutual acceptance.  In an existing home, you most likely will not have to worry about other things like landscaping, out building, or garage needs, etc.
The Cons of Buying:
The most common drawback to buying an existing home is that it is likely not going to be exactly what you want. You may have to deal with a floor plan that doesn't match your needs, colors that don't match your style and maintenance that you didn't plan. 
What to look for if you decide to buy:
If you decide to buy an existing structure, make sure you have the property inspected by a professional. Making sure you are purchasing a home with superior craftsmanship and material is paramount and can be a determining factor when it comes time to remodel or add-on.  Try to find a house within (or below) your budget, that is on a piece of property that will grow with your family, and that is soundly built. With a good foundation, you can turn any home into your dream home with a custom remodel.
The Pros of Building a Custom Home:
The Pros of building a custom home are long and vary widely. When you build a home, you can have everything your way from the flooring to the cabinets in the kitchen and everything in between, both structurally and design-wise. By building your own, you can choose siding, roofing or colors. In a custom built home, everything can be brand-new and up-to-date which is a tremendous advantage of building vs. buying. For example, all the appliances will be brand-new and under original warranty. The construction materials and building code will be up to the latest safety standards. Our daily needs and habits can also be taken into consideration when building a custom home; everything from wiring for high-speed internet to the latest in spatial, acoustics and architectural trends can be added in your custom design.
The Cons of Building a Custom Home:
Building a custom home can sometimes put a strain on family and relationships. But certainly we, here at Everett Builders, Inc., hope to be able to design and assist with any of the many decisions involved in creating your custom home project. It is intended, with us, to have this be a carefree, wonderful and fun experience. Even when decisions need to be made, we are always available to council and assist. Most custom home projects, when the site is ready to start construction, should never take over 90 to 100 days to complete. By hiring a long time professional custom home builder, certainly it should mitigate many of your concerns.  Read our 5 tips for hiring a contractor to reduce many of your concerns.
What to look for if you decide to build:
If you decide to design and build your own custom home, your custom home builder can make the project either enjoyable or a nightmare. 

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