Homeowners Insurance Policy

Here's a brief summary of the basic coverage's in a Homeowners Policy. To meet your more specific needs, other coverage's may be added by endorsement. All coverage's are subject to policy terms, conditions and exclusions.

Dwelling (Coverage A)
The dwelling on the property is covered against risks of direct loss, subject to certain conditions and exclusions.
Common exclusions are flood, earthquake, war, and wear and tear. Most homeowners add extended replacement shield coverage, which increases your Coverage A limits to account for unforeseen increases in labor and building material costs.

Other Structures (Coverage B)
Structures like garages, sheds, gazebos and decks that are detached from the main house are covered here. The coverage amount automatically included is l0% of the dwelling coverage. More coverage is available by an endorsement.

Personal Property (Coverage C)
The things you own - like books, furniture, kitchenware and clothing - are insured for various types of risks while in your home or with you when you're traveling. The perils covered may be expanded by endorsement. There are some sub limits on items that are highly portable and more easily lost or often the target of theft - like cash, jewelry and firearms. Business property in your home is also subject to a sub limit. Replacement cost (rather, coverage for the value as pre-owned property) is included in some policies, and available by endorsement with others. Ask your agent.

Loss of Use (Coverage D)
If serious damage from a covered loss makes your home unlivable; this coverage pays your additional living expenses.

Personal Liability (Coverage E)
This protects you from suits or claims that may result from an injury or property damage covered by the policy.
Damages are covered up to the limit of liability you select. lf necessary, we'll provide a legal defense against the suit or claim, even if it's groundless.

Medical Payments to Others (Coverage F)
Pays up to the limit you select for medical expenses needed because of an accidental injury to a visitor occurring at your residence, regardless of fault.