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To Build or Not to Build...
Home Improvement Contractor

We are a full service home improvement contractor and want to help you improve and maintain the value of your property.

Here you can find some tips and guides to help you in the decision making process as well as some info on how to upkeep your property.

Most Often Asked Questions

How long will it take to finish my project?

The amount of time to finish a project largely depends on the permitting, inspections and availability of building materials. Our experience in the industry allows us to make sure these items are scheduled at the appropriate times with the proper leeway to assure that the time line is met. As with all projects of this sort, things can happen that are out of our control but in most instances we are able to use our extensive list of contacts to put things back on track. In all cases we keep our clients well informed and up to date on the project and decision making process.

How long has Everett Builders Inc. been in business?

We, as Everett Builders Inc. have continually been in business since 1957, started by Ray and Arley Decker, and when Dan & Pat Mann acquired the business in 1980 (Pat being the Decker's daughter), strides have been continually made to expand all our expertise and remodeling for our thousands of past and future clients.

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes, we have continually held all the necessary certificates to be in business in the wonderful stat of Washington, USA. We encourage each and every potential client to call Labor & Industries in the State of Washington or go to their website to confirm any contractor whom you may hire to do any kind of project at your home or property.

Are you an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau?

Yes, Everett Builders Inc. is an accredited business, and possess an A+ rating with that bureau.

Who designs my project?

All projects are hand drawn and designed on the office by Dan. Every project is different and must be designed to match the existing look.

Who gets my permits?

Everett Builders Inc. will acquire all necessary permits for each and every project, whether it be for building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical or any others deemed appropriate. Everett Builders Inc. will make all of those appointments and do all necessary submittals.

How long will it take to finish my project?

Every project is it's own and unique. We will always keep you abreast as to the process and how your project will proceed. Keeping in mind, some projects can be even longer than building a new custom home. We know as well as you know, you must live in your home as progress continues.

How do I know engineering will be necessary?

Everett Builders Inc. and it's staff will acquire all engineering information and get approved plans stamped when necessary for permit submittal.

Who is going to supervise my project?

Dan, Pat, Laura and our experienced professional crews will be in touch almost daily on every aspect of every project, whether it be small or very large. No matter, they are all important.

Who gets my inspections?

Everett Builders Inc. is going to be in control and acquiring all appropriate required inspections to get that ever so important occupancy certificate.

Do you have a list of referrals?

A vast referral list is alway available to anyone who may request.